Like most towns in our part of the world, Meridian, ID is afflicted with long cold winters, and short but often hot summers. That means that every home and business in the area needs a reliable HVAC system to depend upon, which is why Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc provides outstanding installation, repair and maintenance services throughout the area.

But we don’t stop there. We can apply our HVAC expertise to new building construction projects – both residential and commercial – as well as smaller remodeling projects to improve the aesthetics and practicality of your space. Idaho’s zoning and comfort specialists can handle it all!

Do You Need Heating Repair Services?

It can be tough sometimes, to spot the signs that your heating system is in trouble. But the temperature can get too cold in Meridian, ID to sit around and wait for the system to fail, and spotting those early signs can help you get a jump on a big problem. Look for strange noises, unexpectedly high bills, lower heat levels or reduced air flow in your system, then call our team today!

Fireplace Inspection and Cleaning Services are Very Important

Getting your fireplace inspected and cleaned is a vital task. A crack in the chimney lining can release heat into other parts of your home – damaging it in the process – while crumbling masonry can present a threat to your household. Creosote build–up is a problem as well. Trust the pros at Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc to get them fixed!

Count on our Team for Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

Any properly installed air conditioner will give you summer and summer of carefree use. A shoddy air conditioning installation, on the other hand, leads to lost efficiency and increased wear and tear very early. The same hold true with air conditioning repair calls, which can either solve the problem the right way, or just kick it down the road to affect you weeks or months later. That’s why we back all of our work with a 100% guarantee.

Don’t Rely on Just Anyone for Air Duct Services

Air duct services can attract a fly–by–night crowd, who claim to clean or service your system without actually doing much at all. That’s why we’re certified by NATE and have top marks form the Better Business Bureau, ensuring that the ducts in your Meridian, ID home are repaired and cleaned the right way every time!

Let Us Take Care of Water Heater Problems for You

If you’re having problems with your water heater, you need to get it fixed right away. Meridian, ID winters are too cold to go without hot water, and even in the summertime, a problem can bring your household to a halt. We’re proud to offer a full array of water heater repair services, but we also offer timely maintenance, designed to prevent problems before they require attention. When applied regularly, they can also help extend your water heater’s life!

You Can Count on Use for Commercial HVAC Services

If you own a business or manage an office space in the area, you likely have a lot on your plate, and dealing with a commercial HVAC problem should be the least of your concerns. But a breakdown can be catastrophic: eliminating worker productivity, driving potential customers away and even damaging key equipment such as computers in some cases. We’re here to get your system fixed swiftly and effectively, keeping your business on track!

Count on the Experts for Remodeling and Construction Projects

Residential and commercial construction projects need an HVAC expert on hand to install those systems properly and ensure that they function in harmony with other key components of the building. The same principle applied to smaller remodeling projects, which still need an expert to help the individual’s home or business maintain its practical heating and cooling capacity. For all of these projects, count on our expert team for knowledge and workmanship second to none!