Residents of Eagle, ID need a reliable HVAC system to keep their homes comfortable no matter what our freezing winters and muggy summers do. That’s why we’re on task with quality heating and air conditioning services of all types, designed to address issues both large and small.

But it doesn’t stop there for Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc. We also offer remodeling services for homes and businesses looking for a new look, and our area of expertise extends to new construction projects as well. It’s just a part of our comprehensive HVAC service that has made us Idaho’s zoning and comfort specialists. Call us today!

We Have the Right Team for Heating Services

A breakdown in your heating system rarely occurs at the ideal time, and considering how cold our Eagle, ID homes get, you need the service on the other end of the phone move quickly. We provide 24–hour emergency repair calls, and apply the same diligence to heating repairs as we do to installation and replacement service. That reliability ensures that our repair jobs are completed to your 100% satisfaction and that the problem doesn’t recur!

Fireplace Inspection and Cleaning Services Make Your Autumn Easier

Fireplaces make a great addition to your home in the cool days of autumn, but no one wants to monkey around with a problem when they could be snuggling up with family members by the hearth. Trouble with fireplaces can be exacerbated by the idle summer, which is why you should get your fireplace inspected and cleaned regularly.

Count on Our Team for AC Repair

If your air conditioner suffers a problem, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in a repair service. Only trained technicians can safely repair an air conditioning system, and the longer you wait, the more our Eagle, ID summers will turn your home into an oven. The moment you detect anything out of the ordinary – anything that can’t be fixed by checking the breakers or the thermostat – turn the system off and call our team in to get it fixed!

We Offer Air Duct Services, Including Cleaning and Repair

On top of our first–rate air conditioning services, we offer an array of duct services. This includes duct repairs to handle loose bolts or breaches, duct testing to spot any leaks, and duct replacement for sections that need to be changed out. That can have a huge impact on our air conditioner’s efficiency!

If Your Water Heater Is Having Trouble, Give Us a Call!

Signs of water heater trouble can be subtle, but usually indicate a much deeper problem in need of immediate attention. In general, anything that qualifies as out of the ordinary merits a service call, including:

  • A lack of hot water.
  • Hot water that "runs out" too quickly.
  • Rust colored water coming out of your pipes.
  • Strange sounds coming from your water heater.
  • Higher than expected monthly bills.
  • Puddles forming around the base of the water heater.

Commercial HVAC Systems Need Regular Maintenance

You need your commercial HVAC system to function at its peak, but unexpected breakdowns can be disastrous. You can keep those troubles to a minimum by planning regular maintenance for your system, ideally at the beginning and the end of heating and cooling season. That gives you a chance to catch any trouble before it starts, and schedule a repair session according to your timetable, instead of scrambling to fix a problem that drops in on you unexpectedly.

Rely on Professional Advice for Remodeling and Construction Projects

If you’re planning for a remodel of your home, or even constructing a brand new home (or residential project), you want to make sure every component functions as it should. That extends to the HVAC system as well as other key components, which is where we come in. At Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc, we provide professional advice and service for all manner of remodeling and construction projects, designed to provide the heating and air conditioning systems you need for your new space.