If you live in Caldwell, ID, you know how important a reliable HVAC system is to keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Here at Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc, we can provide quality service on that front, from installation to repairs to maintenance and replacement.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’re also available for remodeling work, and to provide key services for home and business construction as well. Our trained team of HVAC contractors and remodellers in Caldwell have years of experience, and will tailor our services to match your unique needs. Contact Idaho’s zoning and comfort specialists today!

Look to Us for Heating Services

You don’t need us to tell you how cold the weather gets in Caldwell, ID in the winter, which is why you need your heating system to perform as expected every time. Whether it’s installing a brand new system or giving an existing one a close look to spot any potential problems, reliable heating and heater repair depends on a skilled service to do the job right. Call on us today for quality heating and heating repair!

Trust the Best for Fireplace Inspection and Cleaning Services

Many homes in the area rely on fireplaces to provide a cozy glow and supplement their furnaces. But those fireplaces need periodic cleaning and serving to stay clear for creosote build–up and avoid other common problems. The sooner this is done in the all, the better, and our team is standing by to help!

Our Summers are too Hot to Ignore Air Conditioning

We tend to focus a lot on the winter time here in Caldwell, ID, since it lasts so long and gets so cold. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore your air conditioning system either, because our summers can get warm and humid. At Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc, we provide a wide array of air conditioning services, from installation to timely maintenance to emergency repairs and eventual replacement. Let us help you keep your home cool on even the hottest day!

Air Duct Services are a Key Part of Our Job

We deal with air conditioning problems every day, and that extends to the air ducts which most centralized air conditioners use to distribute cool air throughout your home. They’re normally protected by being place in out–of–the–way locations such as the crawlspace or attic, but they can suffer damage as well as worn bolts and other components.

Our Team Performs Water Heater Installation and Repair

Water heaters do their jobs quietly and without fuss, and the need to install a new one can often catch you by surprise. Repair jobs, too, can creep up on your, as your reliable heater suddenly proves unable to generate hot water or strange sounds start emerging from the system. When that happens, don’t attempt to repair the system yourself. You need to rely on trained and licensed experts like the ones at Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc to do the job.

Successful Businesses Need a Commercial HVAC Service

A good business understands what it does well and where it needs a little help. This applies to your commercial space more than anywhere else. You need a comfortable environment to do business in, and that means a commercial HVAC service that can address your specific business needs, as well as moving swiftly when trouble occurs. Let us take care of that side of your business for you, so you can do what you do best!

We’ll be There for Your During Remodeling and Construction Projects

Remodeling and construction projects can be quite daunting for the layman as well as the professional, and when they involve HVAC systems, you need proper licensing and training to perform any operation successfully. We can provide sound and clear advice, whether it’s one building or an entire building project, and our trained team is ready to work with you every step of the way to ensure that your new space has the HVAC system that fits!