How do UV Lamps Work?

UV stands for "ultraviolet," a wavelength of light that we cannot see but which affects us regardless. Sunlight naturally contains high amounts of UV light, which is what causes our skin to tan and burn when we go out in the sun. At lower levels it’s quite safe. In fact, you’ve probably seen it used at concerts and on amusement park rides to make your white clothes glow in the dark. (That’s the UV light reacting to trace chemicals from your laundry detergent.)

While UV light is harmless to humans (and other multicellular lifeforms like pets), it is devastating to germs and bacteria: either killing them outright or fusing their DNA so they can’t replicate. That makes it very effective if fighting biological contamination in your Boise, ID home.

Doing the Most Good

Obviously, planting UV lamps all over your home is a costly and inefficient means to make use of their sterilizing abilities. Instead, a trained technician can place the lamps where they will do the most good: at the apex of your heating and cooling ducts.

The lamps themselves form a comprehensive "sheet" of UV light across the width of the ducts. As your heater or air conditioner blows air into the ducts, it cycles the air in your entire house through that location. Any germs or bacteria in the air are forced through the light, and as the system runs, your air is gradually scrubbed clean of contamination.

Trust the Pros for Quality UV Lamp Installation

UV lamps benefit every Boise home, but in particular they benefit homes whose residents are left vulnerable to germs and illnesses. This can include:

  • Homes getting ready to welcome a newborn baby, or who have very young children.
  • Homes with elderly residents who may suffer from colds and flu bugs more readily.
  • Houses with people who work in places such as hospitals, leaving them more vulnerable to illnesses.
  • Homes with people suffering from conditions such as asthma or reduced immune systems.

The friendly pros at Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc can install a UV system in these homes, and any home that wants cleaner and healthier air. Our trained technicians can also provide timely repairs and maintenance services when required. Call us today and let us know how we can help!

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