Relative Humidity Is Important

We measure humidity in terms of relative humidity: a simple percentage charting the amount of ambient moisture in the air. 0% relative humidity means no moisture at all (something that rarely happens on planet Earth), while 100% relative humidity is essentially rain. In most cases human beings need the relative humidity to site between about 30% and 50%.

  • In cases of excess humidity, sweat no longer evaporates off of your body. That elevates your temperature making it feel hotter than it actually is, as well as leading to that gross clammy feeling. Excess humidity can also interfere with your air conditioner’s efficiency: forcing it to work harder than it should to cool your home.
  • In cases of low humidity, moisture is leeched off of your skin, leading to a dry cracked feeling. Chapped lips, dried sinuses and static electricity are common too, and your heater must work harder to make up the difference.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers to the Rescue

A humidifier is actually a very simple system in most cases: just a wick or a pad connected to a reservoir of water. A fan blows across the moistened pad, adding ambient moisture to your air as the HVAC system blows.

Dehumidifiers act in a manner not dissimilar to air conditioners, since lowering the temperature of the air pulls the ambient moisture out of it. But these are designed specifically for the job. (Air conditioners serve as dehumidifiers by default, they tend to waste unnecessary energy in the process.) Considering the extremes in temperature we encounter here in Boise, most homes in the area have need of both.

Trust the Best Service in Boise.

Whole house humidifiers and dehumidifiers need proper installation and regular servicing if they’re to do the jobs they’re meant to. That’s why you should always trust the professionals at Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc to keep your humidifier or dehumidifier up and running no matter what the issue might be. Regular servicing and timely dehumidifier repairs can extend the life of your system, as well as easing the strain on your heating and air conditioning system. For the best humidifier and best dehumidifier services in the area, trust us every time!

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