Where Do Homes Lose Conditioned Air?

Homes can leak air from any number of sources. The most common comes from cracks beneath outside doors and windows as well. But it can also come from such sources and openings in your attic (which hit you especially hard in the winter, since warm air rises), openings around plumbing fixtures and un–insulated portions of the home such as basements or garages.

It takes a trained eye to spot all of those locations, and you can trust experienced professionals to ensure each and every one is accounted for. Considering how cold our winters get in Boise, that can add up to quite a bit, and with the pros at Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc, the work is backed by our 100% guarantee!

The Principle Holds True in the Summer

We often consider winters in Boise more serious than summers, since they last longer and the weather tends to be harsher, but attic air sealing and other air sealing services do just as much to keep cool air inside in the summer as they do to keep warm air inside in the winter. When accompanied by regular servicing of your AC and some simple caulking or weather–stripping in the right place, it can make a huge difference in your air conditioner’s efficiency.

That’s why air sealing services make such a good value. They help your home no matter what the time of year, and they savings they engender can continue for many years after wards. Our team is standing by to discuss your options with you and to help you make your home more energy efficient than ever.

It’s more than Just Savings

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can cut into those pesky monthly bills, which bedevil us no matter what the time of year hear in Boise. But they also ease the strain on your HVAC system, which lowers wear and tear and reduces the chances of a breakdown. In the long run, air sealing services can even extend the life of your HVAC system, helping you gain additional value out of your home.

We stand by our services in all things, and our team performs caulking, weatherstripping, attic air sealing and other aspect of air sealing service with the same skill and pride we bring to all our work. We’re confident that we can save you money season after season with our quality service. Contact our team today, and let us show you what we can do!