A New Thermostat can do Wonders

Most thermostats are designed to last for decades or more, and if yours has been around for a long time, congratulations! That’s getting good value for your dollar. The one drawback to that, however, is that you might miss out on some of the benefits that more modern thermostats provide.

For example, smart thermostats allow you to control them remotely via an app on your phone, and/or analyze the immediate temperature outside and make adjustments to match. And wireless thermostats allow you to control the system from anywhere in the home, without having to run wires from a distant location.

Trust a Professional for Installation and Replacement

Thermostats have few, if any moving parts, and rarely require repairs. It’s usually more cost expedient to simply replace the unit rather than attempting repairs. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust a professional to perform the replacement. Technicians bring experience and training to the job, which ensures that it takes place without a hitch.

More importantly, a trained technician can advise you on things like cross–breezes and cold spot, which can affect the thermostat’s accuracy and thus raise your heating and cooling bills. Depending upon the specifics, moving the location of the thermostat or performing other little adjustments can improve the efficiency of your entire system. The friendly pros at Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc have got your back, and can make recommendations when needed as well as performing high quality thermostat replacement services.

Every Thermostat Should Match Every Home

We pride ourselves on rugged individualism in the Boise area, and that means that our homes each have unique needs and features. A wireless thermostat might be a better fit in one home than another, for example, and larger homes may need to place their thermostats with far more care than smaller ones.

But whatever your needs, our trained team is here for you morning, noon and night. If you need a new thermostat installation service or just need an older thermostat replaced, contact us today and set up an appointment! We’ll work with you to find the right fit for your home, and ensure that you have the perfect thermostat t match your particular needs.

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