Why Are Fireplace Services Necessary?

Fireplaces require maintenance in order to function as they should, and it’s usually a good idea to schedule servicing in the late summer, before you have use of it. Any number of things can happen in the off–season that can affect the performance of your fireplace. Birds’ nests and other animal nests can build up, while leaves, twigs and other detritus can have much the same effect.

And that’s just one summer’s worth of issues. Creosote can also build up along the sides of the chimney over a course of years, and may eventually start a fire if you’re not careful. On top of all that, you want to check your chimney for damage before the weather gets too cold. Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc handles all of that and more, in homes throughout the Boise area!

Trust Fireplace Contractors to Find the Trouble

Damage to your chimney or another component to your fireplace can be dangerous not only to you, but to your home as well. And while most people can spot an obvious problem like crumbling masonry or smoke that pours back into your home instead of out the chimney, it takes a trained eye to look for the hairline cracks and other signals that trouble is brewing.

That’s why it’s smart to trust fireplace contractors to service your fireplace once a year in late summer. It gives you the peace of mind knowing that experts are on the job, and you can enjoy fires all winter long without worrying about any potential trouble.

Call Us When Sudden Problems Arise

Long winters can deliver all manner of surprises, and that can extend to your fireplace too. The moment you detect any kind of trouble, shut off the gas or other fuel source (if applicable) and put out the fire immediately. Don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself of even diagnose it.

Instead, call the pros at Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc to do the job right. We’ll get to bottom of the issue and set up a plan for correcting it that factors in the weather, your heating needs, and the requirements for the repair. We spell it all out beforehand so there’s no surprises and you know exactly what all the costs will be. Contact us today to get the process started!