What Kinds of Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services Are Needed?

Every Boise business is unique, and most have various statues and law governing how they can do business. Indoor air quality invariably entries into that question, whether it concerns hygiene, humidity levels or lack of excessive dust. A basic office space may have basic needs, such as keeping humidity levels balanced, which a business dealing in computer tech may need a sterile environment to keep hard drives from being damaged by dust.

That’s a wide variety of possibilities, depending on your business. The good news is that the pros at Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc can handle them all. Whether you’re looking at simple air filters to screen out dust or more elaborate systems such as dehumidifiers and UV air purifiers, ours is the company you should look to first!

Humidity is a Huge Issue Here

Boise suffers from hot, muggy summers and bone–dry winters, which can affect the comfort levels of your home as much as the temperatures can. The same holds true in commercial settings. Excessive mugginess can ruin product in some businesses, as well as making customers uncomfortable, while other businesses (such as florists) require certain spaces with high humidity levels.

Even regular office space requires humidity control in order to provide a comfortable environment for your employees. We’ll find the right system for your specific needs, and make sure your humidity levels are always where they should be!

Dust and Dirt Don’t Belong in any Business

Commercial air filters and similar indoor air quality products belong in almost any business. Dust and dirt can build up as a matter of course, and even the most diligent cleaning team can’t always keep ahead of it. It makes wares look bad, reduced comfort levels for workers and customers alike, and can even damage sensitive electronic components such as computers.

That’s why you can trust the team at Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc to do the job right. We understand how important a clean environment is to any business, and with our knowledge of air filters, we can find the right system your business needs to stay as clean as a whistle!