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AC Maintenance: Yes, It’s That Time of Year!

air conditioner unit being worked onThough Mother Nature will likely disagree with us based on the weather from last week, spring is officially here! Before you know it, temperatures will start warming up again—we promise—and you’ll need a fully functional Boise HVAC system to keep you cooled off this year. But if you want that to be the case, you need to have your air conditioner professionally maintained.

There are a few basic maintenance tasks you can, and should, perform on your own. This includes changing the air filter on a regular basis (every 13 months depending on the type of air filter and depending on the level of contaminants in your home) and checking to make sure your outdoor unit is free of dirt and other debris that might have gathered over the winter. But a full tune-up—one that makes a difference to how well your cooling system will perform—should be left to the pros.

The Benefits of Professional Maintenance

One of the most common questions we receive about air conditioning maintenance is if it’s a service that has to be done every year. “Can’t I just skip it this once?” Well, no, not if you actually want a reliable AC system! Maintenance isn’t just a luxury service for a lucky few. It’s necessary to ensure that your cooling system works as efficiently and effectively as it’s meant to for as long as it’s meant to.

Professional maintenance provides you with:

  • A More Reliable Cooling System: This is probably the biggest benefit of professional tune-ups. Your air conditioner is less likely to experience operational failure over the summer if it’s professionally inspected, cleaned, and adjusted. During your system inspection, our technicians will look for places where wear and tear on the system could lead to breakdowns. Component adjustments and cleaning further eliminates the risk of problems. When your air conditioner is well-maintained, you can go into the warmer months with the confidence that you probably won’t need to make any emergency repair calls.
  • A More Efficient Air Conditioner: The accumulation of wear and tear on a cooling system creates increased strain on its components—in particular, the blower motor. This will create higher energy bills as the system tries to overcome the extra stress. If an air conditioner has regular maintenance, it should be able to retain 95% of its efficiency rating throughout its service life.
  • A Longer Lasting HVAC System: Speaking of service life, most cooling systems should reasonably expect to last 10 to 15 years before you need to upgrade it. However, this is only possible if the system has routine professional maintenance. Annual inspections and tune-ups will help an air conditioner give you the best return on investment, by lasting as long as it is meant to.
  • Fewer Repair Needs: Nobody wants to spend money they don’t have to on air conditioning repairs. Did you know that about 85% of the repairs an air conditioning system might need during its service life are preventable? This is thanks to maintenance inspections that help catch problems early on before they turn into much bigger problems.

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