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Don’t Ignore Uneven Heating from Your Furnace

man looking cold standing in front of thermostatOne heating problem that people tend to worry about the most is that their system will stop generating the same amount of warmth as it used to. However, a problem that people don’t consider enough, and which ends up being even more irritable at times, is when their heater seems to be operating as it should, but some rooms are much colder than others.

There are a few reasons this might be occurring. The technicians on our team see this problem often, and we are prepared to deal with it, no matter the cause. If we discover it’s a problem with your heating system, we are the leading provider and installer of Boise, ID furnaces.

Was Your Heater Improperly Sized?

This is typically the only time that uneven will be caused by the heating system itself—if the furnace is the wrong size for your home. This can be an issue if you had a poor installation or if you added onto your home but didn’t upgrade your heating system along with it. A furnace that is too small for the requirements of your home will struggle to reach all the rooms and sufficiently warm them.

A heater that’s too big isn’t the answer, either. It will shut off before it can finish a heating cycle, and turn back on shortly after. This process is called short-cycling, and not only can it lead to uneven heating but it is damaging to the furnace itself. A improperly sized furnace will need to be either replaced or supplemented to keep your home adequately comfortable.

Other Causes of Uneven Heating

If your furnace was professionally installed, then your uneven heating is likely caused by one of the following issues. Fortunately, none of them require too much work, relatively speaking.

  • Are Your Vents Blocked? If you’re using a furnace to heat your home, which of course blows air from vents, then the problem could be with the vents themselves. Check to make sure that they are open in the rooms where the temperature seems lower. Furniture might have accidentally been moved in front of them, or you could have accidentally bumped them and shut them partially—especially if they’re floor vents.
  • Is Your Insulation Insufficient? Was your home properly winterized before the season began? Part of winterizing your home is ensuring that you have sufficient insulation. Without this, heat can escape through your walls and windows, around the cracks of doors, and especially through your attic. Uneven heating is a big warning sign that this is occurring, since poorly insulated rooms will feel much colder. Professionally installed insulation will help with this, and there’s an added benefit! Sufficient insulation helps keep heat out of your home in the summer, improving your AC efficiency.
  • How’s Your Ductwork? Damaged or breached ductwork can certainly lead to uneven heating. As much as 30% of your conditioned air may be escaping through cracks in the air ducts, and into unused spaces like your attic or crawlspace. Not only will this lead to frustrating uneven heating, but also is a waste of your energy, and subsequently a waste of your money.

For quality heating services throughout Boise and the surrounding communities, contact Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc.

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