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Don’t Let This Unseasonably Warm Weather Bug You

man in flip flops looking very relaxed on couchFor most parts of the country, temperatures in the high 50’s are still pretty dang cold. For us though, it may as well be springtime. This time of the year is usually when we’re bundling up and making sure that our heaters are working as effectively and efficiently as they should.

And while we are definitely your go-to for reliable Boise, ID heating services, since the weather is a little warmer, we want to talk about some care tips for your home that can help you live more comfortably—more specifically, we want to talk about bugs. This isn’t a topic usually discussed during winter, or by your expert HVAC team for that matter, but these tips can coincidentally also help your HVAC systems work more efficiently when you do need them on a daily basis.

Install Caulking

You may have seen us suggest caulking before—or rather, weather stripping. And when we say “install,” there really isn’t much to it. Caulking material can be bought at pretty much any hardware store, and is used around windows and doors to prevent drafts, mostly. The idea is that it helps your HVAC systems to perform more efficiently by not allowing conditioned air out.

There’s an added bonus to caulking! By adding it to window and door frames, attic ventilation screens, and the edges of any vinyl or siding to your home, you can keep the bugs out.

Keep Your Windows and Doors Shut

We know how tempting the warmer weather is—on a nice day all you want to do is swing open that front door and crack all your windows to let the warm breeze in. But unless you have some pretty good screens in place, this could be an invitation for bugs. Additionally, if your heater is set to automatically come on once the temperature drops back down at night, then you’ll be wasting conditioned air by leaving those doors and windows open.

These are just a couple ways to care for your home during an unseasonably warm winter. Contact Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc for more great tips and superior HVAC services throughout the year.

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