How Do They Work?

Zone controls typically consists of a series of shutters installed at key points in your duct system. Together, they divide the home into specific sections (by room in many cases, but not all), and each can be operated independently of the entire system. That allows you to adjust the temperature differently in different rooms, which means your family can be comfortable no matter what their personal tastes are.

More importantly, zone control systems let you turn off the heat or cool air in unoccupied parts of the home, which can save you a great deal of money without forcing you to give up your comfort levels. When applied over time, that can save you a great deal, and even help extend the overall life of your HVAC system. Our trained team of professionals is standing by to answer all of your questions, so give us a call today!

Who Benefits the Most

Every home can theoretically benefit from zone control systems, but some homes benefit more than others. Larger homes, for instance, tend to benefit from more precise control than smaller ones, and homes with numerous occupants (such as hospices or boarding houses) appreciate the ability to let each resident heat or cool their own space separately.

Regardless of the home, however, the advantages are plain to see. They can be installed without disrupting your existing centralized systems, they will cut into your bills and zone heating and cooling provides an easy way to settle family squabbles around the thermostat. Our team installs zone heating and zone air conditioning throughout the Boise area, so pick up the phone and call!

We Handle All Aspects of Zone Control Systems

You need HVAC specialists like us to handle zone control systems because they have to function in conjunction with existing systems in order to do the job. Our trained team has the skills and experience to find the right make and model for your circumstance, then install your zone heating and zone air conditioning system from confidence and pride.

It also means we’ll be there in the event you need any repairs on your zone heating and cooling, or if parts (or the whole) need to be replaced. One service can do that while also keeping the needs of your HVAC system in mind. Give us a call today!