Separate, But Connected

The key difference between a fan coil unit and an air handling unit is its connection to the remainder of the air conditioning system. The AHU includes a heating coil, a cooling coil, filters, humidifiers, and dampers, allowing it to fulfill a number of different functions (including pushing conditioned air through the ducts).

A fan coil unit, on the other hand, is much more self–contained. It consists of a coil and a fan, allowing it to function without the use of ducts, and function within a smaller space more efficiently. That can make a huge difference when dealing with issues in your home HVAC system here in Boise, which is why you should consult with trained experts if you thing a fan coil unit might be right for your home.

Benefits of a Fan Coil

The big benefit of a fan coil system is its ability to operate without a bulky and expensive duct system. That can make a huge difference for any structure where space is limited, but which still requires quality heating and air conditioning service to maintain a given temperature.

An existing building retrofitted with fan coils can also exercise more control over the system as a whole: setting different temperatures in different spaces governed by different needs instead of relying on one single unit to cover the entire building. The benefits of a fan coil vary from space to space, which is why you need the service of an expert to determine if it’s right for you.

Trust the Experts Every Time

HVAC systems are complex piece of equipment, and installing, modifying and repairing them requires proper licensing and a lot of experience. While fan coil units can be extremely useful in the right circumstances, your specific situation may vary, and you need a qualified professional to evaluate the differences. If you could benefit from fan coil units, then the installation needs to be performed by technicians with the experience to do the job right.

That’s why you should always call on Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc, not only for services involving a fan coil system, but reliable guidance and advice to determine how such a system will benefit your home. If you require the services of an expert in the field, don’t hesitate to set up a consultation with our trained team!

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