How Do They Work

Ductless mini splits work by installing multiple smaller units instead of one big one. Each unit is charged with heating or cooling a single room or location. Every unit can be adjusted independently of every other unit, which means you can set different temperatures in different rooms.

But that’s only one part of the advantages they provide. By turning off units to parts of the home you don’t normally use (such as a spare bedroom or a study during the day), you can cut down on your monthly heating and cooling bills considerably. Here in Boise, the pros at Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc can go over all the details with you!

What Homes Work Best for Them?

Ductless heating and air conditioning systems make a good fit for any home here in Boise, but some homes could benefit more than others. Which homes, specifically?

  • Homes built before the advent of air conditioning, or which otherwise can’t support a system of ducts.
  • Larger homes, especially homes which suffer from cold spots or which struggle to heat all of the rooms evenly.
  • Buildings that house multiple occupants, such as hostels and homes for the elderly, where individual residents may occupy individual rooms and the HVAC system may require more detailed functions.
  • Buildings with two or more stories, which often trap heat on the higher floors and leave them warmer than lower floors.

Trust Us for Installation, Repairs and More

Installing such a system means you need the right team on the job. But it also means counting on that same team when repairs are required, and for annual maintenance sessions designed to keep the system functioning at its peak. We’re here for you in all aspects of your ductless system’s life.

We have the experience to guide you through every step of the process: selecting the right system for your home, choosing the specific locations for each component, installing the system on the select day and carting off your old system for proper disposal. We apply the same diligence on repair services and maintenance designed to keep your ductless heating and ductless air conditioning system in fine shape. Contact our trained team today. We service homes and businesses throughout the Boise area!

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