How Do Ducts Get Damaged?

Ducts are largely protected by their location, hidden behind walls or similar locales. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t get damaged. Work on other parts of the home can inadvertently damage the ducts, as can in intrusion of animals such as raccoons or alley cats.

In many cases, it’s not even a question of damage, but just wear and tear: especially on bolts or fittings connecting one section of ducts to another. We can repair that damage swiftly, and we know how to do so without disrupting the rest of your Boise household. If you suspect damage to your ducts, give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

How do Spot Damaged Ducts

Damaged ducts can be tricky to notice, given their out–of–the–way location. However, there are signs you can spot that can alert you to the trouble. In many cases, these signs will start and stop in conjunction with your heating and air conditioning system. They can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cold spots in the summer or warm spots in the winter, in unusual spots on the walls or floor.
  • Strange humming or whistling sounds coming from the affected area.
  • Reduced air flow from one or more vents in your home.
  • Air that is insufficiently warm or cool (caused either when conditioned air is pulled out of a breach or unconditioned air is pulled in).
  • Unexpected spikes in your heating or cooling bill.

When you spot these signs, turn your system cost and call in the professionals right away!

Trust the Experts to Correct the Problem

Regardless of where you identify the problem, it fails to trained professionals like the ones at Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc to take care of it the right way. We use training and experience, combined with the very latest equipment to address the issue the right way. That’s part of our guarantee to you that the work is completed the right way every time.

We know that duct systems aren’t normal spots for repair or replacement services, but we also know that when they do run into trouble, you need a company that knows the ropes to get the job done. Call on use every time. We won’t let you down!