Who Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps use the same principles as air conditioning to serve as both heater and A/C in one. During the hot summer months, refrigerant circulates through a closed loop, which first releases heat outside the home, then pull heat form the air inside the unit itself. The cool air can then be blown into your house with a fan.

Heat pumps simply allow you to reverse that cycle in the winter, cooling the air outside the home and warming the air inside the unit. That can save you a great deal on heating bills, as well as providing home comfort any time of the year in a single unit.

Why Is More Needed?

Heat pumps have improved their efficiency a great deal in recent years, but Boise is still cold enough to defeat them in the winter. That’s why dual fuel heat pumps exist: adding a smaller gas or electric furnace to make up the difference when temperatures get particularly cold. It makes sure your home is kept comfortable, while fulfilling the main purpose of a heat pump to begin with: lowering your bills and reducing overall wear and tear on the system.

That means having the best service in the area perform the installation for you, as well as repairs when needed and maintenance to keep your system from breaking down in the first place. Regardless of your requirements, we’ll be there for you, and your hybrid heat dual fuel system will function exactly is it is expected to.

Trust Us to Save You Money

The main benefit of hybrid heat is improved savings over comparable use by other types or heating, and you can’t enjoy those savings if you’re always having trouble with your dual fuel heat pump. Our services are designed to ensure that you gain every benefit you can out of the system.

That means installing it with care and consideration, using only high quality bolts and similar components. It means getting it serviced on a regular basis – ideally once or twice a year – and correcting any linger problems fast so they don’t have a chance to spread. At Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc, we have the skills and experience you need to make sure your hybrid heat dual fuel system always works at its best. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do!