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Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Boise, ID

Boise, ID is known for its cold winters, which means you need the best heating system you can get in order to keep your home comfortable. But air conditioning systems are just as important during our humid, muggy summers. Both systems are necessary to a functioning home or business, and both need regular care in order to function at maximum efficiency.

That’s where we come in. At Ultimate Heating & Air, Inc, our team has extensive training and years of experience in heating and cooling systems of all varieties. We also handle indoor air quality systems, and can encompass business properties as well as residential homes. For high quality installation, servicing, repairs and replacement services, call on Idaho’s HVAC comfort and zoning specialists today!


Really like the maintenance plan and haven’t had an issue since Ultimate has been servicing our system.

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Heating systems need to run through our long months of winter, providing comfort and safety no matter how cold the temperatures get. They can include alternative models like geothermal heating systems and dual fuel heat pumps as well as traditional forced–air furnaces. We can install new systems, repair old ones and replace those that need and upgrading quickly and efficiently. Read more

Air Conditioning

While our winters are long and cold, summers can feel quite hot, with a muggy humid quality in the air that can be hard to shake. Our homes can become bastions of comfort in the face of the with reliable air conditioning systems. We’re ready to go in the event your system goes down, and can provide regular maintenance and quality installation as well! Read more

Indoor Air Quality Services

Temperature control is only one part of the equation when it comes to household comfort levels here in Boise. Humidity levels must be regulated to balance out our muggy summer air and dry winter air. Dust and dirt must be kept out of your home’s air – especially if you have sensitive family members – and you want to keep the air from becoming stale or breed germs. Indoor air quality systems are perfect for this purpose! Read more

Commercial Services

Businesses in Boise need quality heating and air conditioning services just like residences do. Indeed, we spend most of our days there either as employees or while shopping for goods and services, and commercial HVAC systems need to respond to the unique needs of a business environment. Trust us to install them and keep them maintained and repaired no matter what the time of year. Read more

Residential Construction Services

Good heating and air conditioning begins with the construction of the home, when the systems are installed for the first time. We can be a reliable part of your construction team, installing the HVAC systems demanded by the clients at a fair price and with maximum efficiency. Contract our team today to discuss your residential construction needs. Read more

Home Performance Services

Every home can be a more efficient home and the only way to determine how you can save energy and cut down on those pesky bills. That includes auditing your home for any deficiencies, replacing inefficient appliances with more environmentally friendly ones, and looking into options for insulation as well. Read more

Water Heaters

Whether classic tank models or more innovative tankless versions, water heaters provide a vital service to your household. It pays not only to have them installed by experience professionals, but to get them maintained on a regular basis and repaired promptly when trouble arises. Contact us every time for the best service in the Boise area! Read more

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